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Sara frucht

Spiralrect 5

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Enjoy the patterns and light on a quality laser print, high quality archival print, or ready-to-hang glossy metal print.  Scroll down the page to view this artwork in a comfortable environment.

"From the generative art animation 'Spiral Rect' this image is an ever-changing layering of rectangles in a logarithmic spiral." - Sara Frucht

Contact Julie anytime about metal prints and gallery wrapped prints - 510 672 2858 or

Details on Sara's Medium

REFUND POLICY Reach out to us with any questions you may have about the artwork and shipping at 510 672 2858. Shipping includes insurance. We use the utmost care to thoroughly package your purchase. Should you receive it in good condition and realize it is not the right fit for you, then we will take it back if you pay for shipping. You can exchange it for another work of art on the Sustaining Arts website if we receive it in good condition. If the new art you choose is a different price, we will send you a partial refund or ask for an additional fee. We will make this exchange one time only. Should you receive Sustaining Arts’ artwork damaged (has not happened so far), we will reimburse you for your shipping costs after you show us the damaged area through email or text and once we confirm that your purchase can’t be repaired.

Our Mission

At Sustaining Arts, our aim is to bring more justice to people and our planet by giving 30% of the retail price of artwork each year to a worthy cause. During the last couple of months of 2021 and throughout 2022 we are dedicating our profits from the retail price of all artwork to those in great need of housing.